Uaona Handcrafted Bags

Our crafted beauties are made by indigents of Negros. By supporting their work of art, you are not just helping revive a culture but you are also purchasing a small part of an artist's legacy. 

Beautiful, unique, plant-based, and lightweight... Experience Uaona bags today!


One of a kind designed bags - it's like buying an artist's painting! You know that only one original painting of that kind will be produced ... And that's it! Making you the exclusive owner of an artist's legacy.

What makes these bags even more special is for the year 2020 we are only making 150 pieces of these!!! So not a lot of these pieces going around girl!! So browse our one-of-a-kind art pieces now!

Clutches and Pouch Bags

We’re in love with these amazing clutches. A wardrobe essential that can take your wardrobe style from day to night. We have a whole range from envelope to hardcase, from zip to hasps - we got you covered!

Hooyo Bags

Made of Pandan or Buri.  Choose from our plain, embroidered, handpainted or patterned pieces.

Handpainted pieces are one of a kind. Once it is sold, that design is gone..

Why Choose Us?

Uaona not only produces eco-friendly products but we are reinforcing sustainable business model in what we do. We have started removing single use plastic packaging for our domestic deliveries and we have also started using biodegradable polymer bags that goes with our eco-friendly boxes when shipping overseas. We are also exploring ways on how to protect our bags when shipping overseas with more eco-friendly options.

WE DON'T STOCK UP! Our products are in minimum quantity, handmade and inspected to ensure quality.  Furthermore, we produce limited quantities of our Exclusive Bags! Not only will you enjoy owning a one of a kind bag, since this line only produces 1 piece for every design, but every year we are only producing 100-250 pieces in this category.

It's a great any day bag. Easy to match with any of my outfits

Hena Reyes
Sales Manager, Philippines

I love it! Good quality bag, big enough to put diapers and random toddler toys!

Dian Yassin
Program Manager, Singapore

The Story Behind Uaona

Shel Bridgewater


Introducing Uaona, uniquely handwoven bags from Negros, Philippines.  We offer uniquely created bags that are durable, handmade, lightweight, and timeless.

While our company is based in Singapore, our products are produced by  indigent people of Negros, whose livelihood comes from weaving and selling these bags. Buntal, pandan and buri weaving is one of those slowing small industries that we want to support. Most of the weavers are elder people and we want to be able to revive this industry that is part of the Filipino history and culture.  I am in high hopes that if the interest and trend picks up for handwoven bags,  the younger generations would carry on with this weaving tradition.

My mother's birthplace is Negros, hence the name Uaona, which means "homeland".  Our brand and products were created based on the objective of giving back to the founder's homeland.